Hey there Cats and Dawgs!

We have a new band for you'll, well the lead singer and vocals ain't so new, she has been kicking it for 28 years and her name is Sarah Solar Divah Schultheiss and the name of her band is Dragons of Wicca.
Sarah's guitar style is loud, unpredictable and other worldly, her vocals will throw you for a loop, untraditionally  low for a female, and gravely, her second choice for lead guitar is Jamie Gunn, who is also a student of Sarah's, takes you on a trip you will never forget, infusing elements of surf, psychedelic, punk and emotion, he has honored his teacher well, on drums we have Aponi Gold, another student of Sarah's, with the off beat style and short blasts Sarah taught her, it adds a mystic touch to the music, Aponi will be influencing drummers for generations and when you think it caint get any better here comes Ezmareldah, a flutist, adding classical texture in the back ground, then to finish it off, Sarah throws a little gypsy in it, Trish Dolfhin on tambourine.
Dragons of Wicca, my nose pick of the week
Lynda Nose-Purple Grunge